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Various certifications acquired by Bread Garden

Bread Garden have been aquired certification from "Global Food Safety Management" and "Food and Drug Administration".
for a certification system to insure that food is safe, legal and for the effective management of food safety hazards.
  • ISO22000 - Food safety management system

    As a home baking specialist company, Bread Garden Co., Ltd. aquired the ISO22000 Certification on March 29, 2016 from International Organization for Standardization.

    ISO 22000 certification is one of food safety management system in the food manufacturing sector.
    ISO22000 is also prepared to manage food safety hazards effectively about all stage from food production to final consumption.
    In particular Bread Garden has obtained ISO22000 certification for homebaking mixes and homebaking additives products.

  • HACCP - Food Hygiene Management System

    Bread Garden has obtained the approval for HACCP Certification from "Food and Drug Administration" on July 21, 2017 for other processed products produced at Seongnam factory in Bread Garden Co., Ltd.

    HACCP is a safe hygiene management system to prevent contamination and incorporation of biological, chemical, physical hazards at each stage until end users intake the food, from the production of foodstuffs in factorires to the production of raw foods concerned.
    * Other processed items: Premium mix series (Brownies, Chocolate muffins, Scones, etc.)