Bake your love Since 1995

Company's business philosophy

The four core values we always pursue.

Bread Garden is a professional
homebaking expert aspiring to become the
"No.1 Home baking innovator"
We are the first company leading the homebaking culture in Korea through the recipe matching to domestic market and our prime advanced operating system. We are pursuing diversification, advancement and globalization based on our core competencies, R & D and technology. Also, we are establishing our position as a global company by export to "large discount store chains" and "premium markets" in China
With the goal of becoming the top three global baking companies by 2020, We will take the lead in spreading the easy and happy home baking culture that is healthy, practical and everyone can do through continuous research and development on recipes and baking tools with a focus on Asian markets.
Bread Garden that communicates with customers with special moments, good times, delicious recipes and healthy ingredients.
The logo of Bread Garden uses a measuring spoon-shaped motif as an essential tool for baking.
It is a design that conveyed visual images of products and services.
The red color used in the logo means a warm passion to introduce the largest home baking market in Korea.