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Quality Management System

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Through the QM system, we make an effort to ensure that all products from Bread Garden are safe to use.

First, what is the QM system ?

The QM(Quality Management) is a system that manages all the processes and quality of from the manufacturing of all Bread Garden goods leading up to customer purchase and usage.
We are involved in the whole process from the production of goods to the use of the customer as well as raw materials, production and processing, packaging, storage, etc.
It is also managed by collecting all the complaints and opinions from customers during the delivery process.
Upon importing, only products that have passed the QM standard can be sold. However, should the quality fail to meet specific standards it may be discontinued even during sales.

Second, What do you check and review in the QM inspection?

* Check documents
Check of certification documents, record and compliance with related laws for raw materials, manufacturing environment, product management, etc.
* Self inpection of organic functions
Tests the appearance, flavor, taste, etc. by applying the product directly the use or recipe in our R&D lab
* Field audit
Visit the sub-contractor directly to check facilities and manufacturing process
* Examination of product condition in warehouse storage
Comparison check between the documents submitted and the actual product, Check the expiration date of the product, packaging, etc.
Confirm that the products are kept as per recommended storage method.
* Post-sales management
Manage post-sale customer reviews, complaints, and suggestions in regards to the delivery and goods.

Third, Do I have to go through a QM test if I want to sell a product at Bread Garden?

If you would like to sell your products in Bread Garden, you must follow the QM procedure as below.

  • Suggestion of product offer

    Suggestion of product information by e-mail or post (with catalog etc.)

  • MD Review

    First review by submitting product and basic documents

  • QM Team Review

    A more detailed 2nd review document may be requested
    (visit if necessary)

  • Notification of review result

    Start of sales once approved. If not approved, re-evaluation after complying with the improvement requirements in order to commence sale.

Fourth, Photo gallery in Bread Garden

· Bread Garden-Seongnam Manufacturing Factory

Sungnam Factory entrance - Top priority on cleanliness

· Sundivision room

  • Facility for insect care and cooling/room temperature

  • Thorough personal hygiene clothing

  • Cleanliness inside the subdivision room

· Warehouse and distribution center

The goods are kept and displayed by proper storage condition in the warehouse located in Seongnam factory

Fifth, Various certifications acquired by Bread Garden

  • ISO22000 - Food safety management system

    As a home baking specialist company, Bread Garden Co., Ltd.. aquired the ISO22000 Certification on March 29, 2016 from International Organization for Standardization.

  • HACCP - Food Hygiene Management System

    Bread Garden has obtained the approval for HACCP Certification from "Food and Drug Administration" on July 21, 2017 for other processed products produced at Seongnam factory in Bread Garden Co., Ltd..


Bread Garden is leads the food labeling system that displays all ingredients used in food for healthy home baking.

What is "Food labeling system"

This system is to mandate the display of food ingredients and nutrients. In addition, since September 2006, the system has been designed to display all raw materials used in food products.

According to the revised labeling standards, all raw materials or ingredient names should be displayed on packaging of processed foods. The raw material name of the main ingredient is indicated first of all, and it is displayed in order of the usage amount.

The food labeling system will provide useful information for ingredient, nutrition fact and food additives to all consumers.
And this system also can help to select more safer food product by thorough verification and management. This system will contribute to enhance quality of the home baking industry.