Bake your love Since 1995

Company History

Vision 2020 preparing for the foundation 25 years
since 1995

We established Vision 2020 for leap forward as a global home baking company that pursues health and happiness,
with newly established mid-to long-term goals, business-specific growth strategies, and capacity-building strategies.
We will realize our dream of becoming a global top three global home baking company beyond Korea that contributes to human happiness.

  • 2010's

    Globalization of Home baking

  • 2000s

    Became a food manufacturer leading the baking culture

  • 1990's

    Established Bread Garden and kick-started Korea's Home Baking Culture

  • 2017
    Acquirement of HACCP certification for the first time in the home baking industry
    Transfer of Logistics Center : Gwangju-city, Gyeonggi-do
    Renewal of B&C Market in Online shopping site
    Opening of B&C Hall sales for business owners
    Launch of mid-capacity premix for business operators
    Signing of Korean Agency with French bakery luxury brand "Debuyer"
    Supply of premium mix to Peacock shops in E-mart, Korea
    Export of Premix to USA and Hong Kong
    Supply of spices to all "PEACOCK" stores of E-mart
    Supply of spices to all "EVERYDAY" stores of E-mart
    Development of natural food coloring for fillings only
  • 2016
    Obtained ISO 22000 international certification for food safety management system
    Passed examination of PB manufacturing from large-sized supermarket
    Expansion of Sungnam Factory
    Introduced automatic equipment such as mixer and automatic packing machine
    Opening of B & C market (as mid-large sized store in Seoul express bus terminal)
    Imported E-Mart PK Market
    Launch of simple fondant chocolat mix for microwave oven
    Launch of 4 kinds of deco pen
    Launch of Home baking mix including pancake mix
    Launch of Sprinkle for home baking
    Launch of premium mix product such as red velvet cake mix
    Opening of self-baking experience shop in Dongdaemun Hyundai outlet
  • 2015
    Export of home baking products to Chinese supermarket (30 stores in Ole as a sister firms of Vanguard group)
    First store of export for home baking products in Chinese online mall
    Launch of baking ingredients in 4 types (Baking powder, Baking soda, Sugar powder, Cocoa powder)
    Development of food color - Icing colors for baking (11 types)
    Launch of Macaron mix (2 types) for home baking
    Opening of home baking experience shop in Hyundai department store.
  • 2014
    Opening of home baking experience shop in Lotte World Mall
    Participated in "Salon du Chocolat" fair
    Participated in Korea's Best Goods Exhibition in Chengdu, China
    Observation of SIAL CHINA / BAKERY CHINA
    Construction of ERP system
    Radio advertisement for Bread Garden
  • 2013
    Start of export for China
    Launch of new product, "Pure Vanilla Extract"
    Launch of "Chocolate DIY Sets (3 types)
    Export of "Premium premix(7 Types)" to Chinese market
  • 2012
    Opening of Bread Garden Home Baking Academy
    Signing of exclusive distributor with "Backaldrin" of Austria
    Expansion of Bread Garden Seongnam Factory
    Expansion of exclusive storage space for chocolate
  • 2011
    Expansion of food manufacturing factory
  • 2010
    Signing of Spanish Confiletas agent
    Starting of export for home baking products to Hong Kong
    Developed brownie mix for the first time in Korea
    Developed bread mix and cookie mix
  • 2009
    Completion of food manufacturing factory
    Establishment of Bread Garden Laboratory
  • 2008
    Publication of bestselling homebaking encyclopedia
    Launching of "Meister" mini oven
  • 2007
    Signing of exclusive distributor agreement in Korea with "Temma Shiki Co., Ltd" in Japan
    Signing of exclusive distributor agreement in Korea with "Barry Callebaut (Chocovic)" in Spain
  • 2006
    Co-promotion for Green Giant's canned corn with "General Mills, Korea"
  • 2005
    Launching of specialized home baking appliances brand "MEISTER"
    Launching home baking packaging brand "COZYART"
  • 2004
    Launching of home baking ingredients brand "Homebaking Mate"
    Signing of exclusive distributor agreement in Korea with "Bauckhof Gmbh, Germany"
  • 2003
    Launching of home baking tools brand "MESSE" & "DECO"
    Signing of exclusive distributor agreement in Korea with "Ludwig Weinrich Gmbh Co. KG, Germany"
  • 2002
    Launching the first chocolate DIY business in Korea
    Opening of online shopping mall, "EZ baking"
  • 2000
    Co-hosted a cheesecake festival with a multinational food enterprise, "Kraft"
  • 1999
    Signing of exclusive distributor agreement in Korea with "RUF Lebensmittelwerk KG, Germany"
  • 1997
    Joint research with German Dr, Oetker
  • 1995
    Established Bread Garden