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  • silikomart

    [Silikomart from Italy]

    Silikomart is a global silicone mold brand.
    Located near Venice in Italy, the brand specializes in the production of silicone molds. Silikomart has launched their 'Professional Line' in Korea through Bread Garden Experience the wide range of Silikomart products that boast the delicate expression, safety, and excellent quality now available in Korea!


    [Temma from Japan]

    Temma is the top brand for paper baking cups.
    Under the motto of establishing a design and function that can convey the feelings of the person baking and eating from the products, Temma produces various products which abide by the "strict food hygiene standards. Temma products are used all over the world. "


    [Chocovic from Spain]

    Chocovic is a professional chocolate company established in Barcelona, the city of romance and the arts, since 1872. Based on 125 years of experience, Chocovic has been producing and providing top quality chocolates and raw materials for the world's finest chocolate users. In Korea, Bread Garden has exclusive supply rights to Chocovic's chocolate products which boast excellent flavor and taste.

  • de Buyer

    [de Buyer from France]

    Since 1830, 'de Buyer' is a French luxury bakeware brand that is loved by chefs all over the world for the bakeware handcrafted by French metalworking craftsmen. de Buyer is a French luxury brand that chefs from all over the world love. The fine holes by the perforated stencil in detail help to ensure a perfect and even bake of all sides. You can meet de Buyer's high-quality and wide range of bakeware products through Korea's sole agency, Bread Garden.

  • One Way

    [One Way from Netherland]

    Dutch brand 'One Way' is a global specialist in piping bags Which allows you to choose the materials according to the purpose of use; thereby improving the efficiency and safety of foodstuffs. They are well know for the vibrant color of each product. each product.


    [Chefmade of Wellcook from China]

    "CHEFMADE" is a specialist and manufacturer in the home bakeware industry!
    These products made of durable carbon steel material are strong and effective in heat transfer.
    "CHEFMADE" is now being exported to USA, Japan, France, Taiwan and other countries with the approval of LFGB certification which test the chemical toxic components.

  • 1895WEINRICH

    [Weinrich from Germany]

    "Ludwig Weinrich" from Germany is one of the most luxurious chocolate brands which is now being sold in more than 40 countries "Ludwig Bainrich" is a company with more than one hundred years of tradition, mainly producing "chocolate and biscuits.
    " "Ludwig Bainrich" has been maintaining high quality standards with carefully selected raw materials as well as the latest mechanical equipment. "Bread Garden introduces ""Weinrich"",one of the finest chocolates in the market of more " than 40 countries.

  • RUF

    [RUF from Germany]

    Located in Niedersachsen from Germany, "RUF" produces baking ingredients, dessert premixes, cake premixes, and a variety of instant foods. RUF" has been using only premium quality "ingredients in order to guarantee their taste. ""RUF"" is working and keeping up with the rapid " changes in the current market. RUF" is an authentic home baking company that strives to maintain "their unique taste and tradition. "


    [Bauckhof from Germany]

    The German organic brand "Bauckhof" is specialized in bio-and-demeter organic products. It is a flour made from grains closest to nature using demeter circulation farming methods, which is one step higher than ordinary organic farming. Cookies, cakes and breads made with such ingredients have an excellent texture. Since 1932, the "Bauckhof", the best organic farm in northern Germany has been conducting the demeter ecological organic farming process. "Bauckhof" produces a wide range of healthy organic products from grains to livestock products across an area of approximately 923 acres.


    [Nordic Ware from USA]

    Nordic Ware was founded in 1946 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, as a small company that makes makes Nordic Scandinavian baking fans.Undoubtedly, Nordic Ware's most famous item is the Bundt pan, which can be found in over 70 million households around the world.Bread Garden is a Korean domestic agent of US Home-baking luxury brand, Nordic Ware.And Bread Garden has introduced Nordic Ware to many customers in Korea.